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Things You Might Not Know About The Avengers

Captain America Wasn’t Part Of The Original Team

The Marvel film may have cast America’s most loved super-warrior as an establishing individual from the group, however Captain America didn’t really sign up until the fourth issue of The Avengers comic arrangement. The group which had dropped to four individuals because of the Hulk’s takeoff experienced a secretive, solidified man in the sea while pursuing Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Lo and behold, the solidified individual ended up being Steve “Captain America” Rogers. In the wake of defrosting him out, the current Avengers group allowed Captain America “founding member” status instead of Hulk

Daredevil created Avengers???

According to Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Publishing, Tom Brevoort, when the publisher realized that the first issue of Daredevil wasn’t going to be ready in time for its scheduled print run, Stan Lee proposed the idea of bringing a bunch of existing Marvel characters together to form a team like DC’s Justice League of America. By doing so, they wouldn’t need to create complicated origin stories for the individual members, which would allow the squad to jump right into whatever adventure Lee and Kirby could come up with on short notice. The pair brainstormed for a while and came up with the Avengers, then hastily put together the first issue and sent it off to the printer

Who missed Avengers?

In the original script, Joss Whedon planned to have both The Wasp and Ant Man appear in The Avengers (2012), but both were eventually cut because the cast was already so big.

Even heroes need a trainer!

Jeremy Renner, while planning for the job of Hawkeye, got preparing from Olympic archers. In spite of the fact that Renner is left handed, he expected to shoot the bow both-hands in the movies, and can be seen shooting with the two hands.

Who loves shawarma?

After the movie was released in theatres, shawarma sales in Los Angeles, St. Louis and Boston went through the roof. This is accredited to the scene where the team grabs a bite at a shawarma shop.

The Rich Guy!

Robert Downey Jr. made twice as much money as the entire cast of the first film, but 40% was held until filming was done.

Thor turned to Loki?

Tom Hiddleston originally screen tested for Thor, and even gained 50 lbs of muscle for the role. Casting decided he would be a better fit for Loki, Thor’s mischievous brother.

Grandma Avenger!

Black Widow may seem to be a young woman, but looks can be deceiving. Her youthful appearance can be accredited to the super soldier serum she was given. Black Widow is in fact well over 70 years old.

Captain Marvel Pregnant?

Captain Marvel once became pregnant with the child of the villain Marcus Immortus. In the controversial and nonsensical Avengers #200, Captain Marvel gave birth to Marcus Immortus, and immediately fell in love with him, later marrying him. The story was later explained as mind control and never mentioned again.

Preggy Scarlet

Scarlet Witch once became pregnant after getting involved with The Vision, despite him being an android. It was later revealed that Scarlet Witch had created her children using her magical mutant powers.

Nick ‘O’ Fury!

In 2002, Marvel redesigned the character of Nick Fury to resemble Samuel L. Jackson.

Who painted Hulk?

Hulk was originally grey in color but turned to green because it was easy to print green color in comics.

Who is worthy?

Captain America, Black Widow and Loki wielded Thor’s Hammer at some point in comics.

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